Product Design

Treat & Company


Some of our best ideas come from unexpected places. So it was with Dr. Wrong, born from conversations surrounding cultural trends of collectable vinyl figures and kids’ newfound love of science and self-generated gameplay. What if the concepts were combined? That question got us doodling around a concept with a lot of legs — attachable in all kinds of freaky ways. Soon we’d met Dr. Wrong, and a gang of characters merging modern aesthetics with a lovably demented edge.


We saw Dr. Wrong as a chance for us to play, testing out our ideas with 3D renderings and 3D-printed prototypes. A simple pill-shaped body became the base for all kinds of customizable appendages: eyes, arms, wings, claws. Think of it as DIY mutations.

Our designers and illustrators could hardly contain themselves. Soon there was a whole island full of whimsical characters and places to explore.

The toy had to be as much fun on the shelf as it was out of the box. We created a modular packaging system and in-store experience that literally spilled out onto the floor. The graphic nature of the characters easily extended into digital games and a character-building app that transports you to Dr. Wrong's island lab.

Dr. Wrong and friends tapped the whole spectrum of our team's capabilities,

not to mention our demented imaginations.