Beauty Ecology


The concept of "organic" has come a long way. What once was crunchy and homegrown is now elevated and luxurious, especially in beauty. After all, what we use on our bodies matters as much as what we put in it. Our friends at Beauty Ecology are at the forefront of this movement as a leader in authentic organic beauty. As they prepared to relocate and expand their salon, the time was perfect for a rebrand. Naturally, Treat & Company was all in. From strategy to product branding to communication, we channeled the company's vision, products and services into a luxurious language that let nature's beauty shine.




We developed the new “EVOQ” product brand as part of a clear hierarchy that positions the company’s nature-based vision, philosophy, products and services.

Our solution speaks to purity: a modern, elegant design treatment paired with gorgeous photographic illustrations that link health with nature while differentiating the product categories.

To roll out EVOQ’s products nationally, we created an online experience that elevates the brand philosophy as a gateway to sales — organizing and translating scientific research to help customers see what goes into the products. Taken as a whole, the vision is easy, lofty and inspiring — an aspirational experience that moves organic beauty into the modern world.