Galleria—a luxury shopping destination for fashion, home, beauty and dining—is where luxury meets lifestyle.

In response to Galleria’s request for a fresh new campaign to highlight their Spring arrivals, Treat created a bright and playful concept integrating art and photography to feature the breadth and quality of Galleria’s stores.

The campaign “Art Meets Life” layers together creative plays on color, shape and patterns and featured the Galleria’s unique products as the works of art they truly are. The photography and styling brought out the energy of the Spring product while capturing the unique sophistication of the Galleria and its upscale shopping experience.

The concept played out through print ads in Mpls.St.Paul and Artful Living, and into social media and an engaging online lookbook experience for the Spring season. The result was an irresistible guide to Spring fashion, boosting awareness of new stores and old favorites.