Creating something that can light up a child’s eyes takes all kinds of expertise: retail know-how, trend awareness, playful creativity, and a strong connection to your inner kid.

Treat & Company has been a strategic partner of Hasbro’s since 2011, executing dozens of projects for their iconic brands: identity, character development, surface design, packaging, point of sale, and beyond. With our collaborative style and eye for the big picture, we make brands feel cohesive, collectible and irresistibly fun.




Millions of young cooks have earned their aprons with Easy-Bake Ovens since 1963. The tradition continues with "Baking Star,"the product’s newest iteration inspired by popular kids TV baking contests. Hasbro’s goal: help kids 8+ feel like baking celebrities by making scrumptious treats for family and friends.

TREAT was well versed in the oven’s history after helping Hasbro with its 50th anniversary branding. This time around, we worked to brand a sleek, modern version of the oven itself. The new visual system updates the classic toy and its packaging with dazzling accents and fresh colors to entice a slightly older audience of junior bakers.



One of the world’s best-known toy franchises, My Little Pony is an entertainment universe unto itself. The brand’s colorful parade of pony characters and kindred spin-offs are always evolving, inspiring generations of passionate collectors in imaginative play.

Treat & Company elevated each brand with eye-catching graphics, iconic prints and patterns, thoughtful logos, and package designs and structures that make the box as irresistible as what’s inside.