Treat and Company


When the holiday season rolled around, and the latest operating system was boasting interactive digital sticker capabilities, we jumped at the chance to create, innovate and delight. Holiday seemed like a perfect time to surprise our friends with our first collection of digital stickers. Oh, you thought we stopped there? Oh hell nog! We wanted all of our friends in on the experience, so we expanded this idea to include old-school peel-and-stick stickers as well—illustrated as candies and goodies that could adorn the 3D Gingerbread house card, which literally popped up in their mailbox.

Clever copywriting and charming illustrations gave our friends just the fancy phrases they needed to wish all of their friends a jolly good holiday, which left us blushing with confidence. Our small and mighty team also boasts interactive design, development, 3D design and prototyping, which ensured our holi-yay greeting was a visual treat from phone to table.

Playful greetings to share, and to keep spirits bright during the busy holiday season. Cheers!