3D Printing

​Mu Performing Arts


We love helping talented people get their due. So when Mu Performing Arts honored leaders in the Twin Cities’ Asian-American arts scene at its fundraising gala, Treat wanted to play a part.

Mu is one of the country’s largest Asian American performing arts companies, putting on wide-ranging productions that capture the community’s diversity. That spirit comes through in Mu’s mascot “Momu,” a wide-eyed ninja-like character that inhabits different roles throughout the performance season.

TREAT & COMPANY ushered Momu off the page and onto the stage with a series of limited-edition award statuettes — designed, 3D-printed and hand-painted by us in house. Made for each of the gala’s distinguished honorees, these charming awards celebrate their contributions in ways off-the-shelf awards never could. Who wouldn’t want a Momu on the mantle?