The award-winning Children’s Theatre Company had something for all ages throughout the 2018-19 season. We were tasked with getting the word out, encouraging audiences to experience the thought-provoking theatre and have meaningful conversations on the way home or across the dinner table.

Expressive photography, vibrant colors and spirited copy, in combination with streamlined ticket purchasing options, created the perfect solution for this year’s Children’s Theatre season brochure.

The results were impressive! Subscription revenue was well above year’s past
and best of all we exceeded our client’s expectations.

The Treat visuals and copy helped motivate our renewing subscribers to come in quicker
and at a higher volume then they did last season. The work also helped us re-energize our
Create Your Own Package program [more than doubling revenue compared to last year].

– Adam Thurman, Director of Marketing and Communications at Children’s Theatre Company