Land of Nod


It doesn’t take much to activate a child’s imagination, but it takes a lot of imagination to get playtime right. We built upon our previous foray with Land of Nod to help develop a one-of-a-kind product for both parents and playful kids.

Following the fort trend sweeping through the Millennial Playspace, we innovated alongside Land of Nod to bring our multi-functional mindset to an all-new bench model.

We brought out our inner nerd to apply our bold ideas, design wisdom, and sales acumen to this creative partnership, acting as an extension of the LON team to reduce the cost of overhead.

Stacking foldable and interlocking cushions that pull out and pile up for a safe DIY playtime, the StackFort had the look of a designer bench.

We even field-tested our design with the help of our own little ones to make sure it was as much fun as it looked.